Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Buried Life Project

Author’s Note
Hello my name is Braxton Anderson (AKA Megamon) I am 18 years old and finishing my last year of high school. The more I think about the idea of the bucket list the more it grows on me. While it may seem harsh or even dark to think about “What do I want to do before I die?” But thinking about this question is real eye opener to a lot of people because it makes think about your “purpose in life” along with Life’s other great questions. What I like about Bucket Lists is that you really can see what people value in their lives, maybe even in your own. Personally, I have quite a few things on my list that have to do with Video games. This is most likely due to all the experiences I have had with them and the influences it has had on me for the course of my life. But making a large bucket list makes you also think about all the other things in your life. For example, our friends, family, Careers, dreams, even our future. Overall I had a fun time making this list and the video. 

1. Make a Bucket List
2. Break into song
3. Get a slam dunk
4. learn the drums
5. Visit Riot Games
6. Meet Cloud 9
7. Get Diamond 1 in League of Legends 
8. Compete in a Official League of Legends tournament
9. Get fit
10. Get over stage fright
11. Star in a show 
12. Make a movie
13. Build a robot 
14. Pull a heist 
15. Get a huge Afro (again)
16. Get into a food fight
17. Start streaming on Twitch
18. Make some plays while streaming it
19. Walk in slow-motion
20. Meet my dad's side of the family   
21. Rekindle my YouTube Channel
22. Make another Mega-Tage 
23. Catch up with old friends 
24. make some new ones
25. Be in a chase scene
26. Learn to dance (good)
27. Attend a murder mystery party
28.Learn my native language
29.Have a "Dramatic" Yu-Gi-Oh Duel
30. Break something (on Purpose)
31. Get everything off my chest 
32. Make a League of Legends Character
33. Become a engineer
34. Repay the teachers that changed my life for the better  
35. Finish writing all my books
36. Have a family of my own
37. Help the Dauphin River community
38. Meet Selena Gomez
39.Be in a viral video
40.Check out South Korea 
41.Travel the world in 80 days
42. Make a million dollars
43. write a song
44. fall in love 
45. Go Olympic Tobogganing
46. Get a sloth companion 
47. Get a army of armadillos
48. Get a sugar glider 
49. Milk a cow
50. Make a family crest
51. Achieve Inner peace 
52. Find my dream job
53. Leave myself a letter in a library and find it twenty years later
54. Carry a totem in my pocket 

55. Find my spirit name
56. See meerkats in the wild
57. Throw a the best party ever
58.Ride a horse and a bison and say "Yip Yip"
59. Sleep under the stars 
60. Vist my cat Cheemoo
61. Pet a penguin
62. Stand a the north and south poles
63. Build my own house
64. Work in the film industry 
65. Send my mom on a vacation
66.See the Hollywood sign in person  
67.Spend a new year's eve in New York
68. Be in a flash mob
69. Throw some money off a building or in a mall
70. Be in a 80's Cop show for a day
71. Be in a CSI: Miami Episode and say a one liner
72. Get perfect teeth 
73.Have a movie moment with someone I care about
74. Go Zorbing
75. Send a message in a bottle
76. Experience zero gravity 
77. Save a life
78. Stand on the equator
79. Sky Diving 
80.Help someone get something done on their bucket list
81. Walk on the great wall of China
82. Become Famous
83. Give someone a autograph 
84. Have someone follow me around for day to make a soundtrack for me
85.Have no more homework
86. Throw a grenade
87. Go on a blind date
88. Be the best I can for my future children(s)
89. Become the chief of DR 
90. Get a Life size R2-D2
91. Get a entourage
92. Yell out "Bingo" after winning a game of bingo
93. Scream and Shout and let it all out
94. Get a one million subscribers
95. Make a Video Game
96. Become a Chess Master
97. Eat Reese;s Pieces to I get sick
98. Attend a High school reunion 
99. Win a League of Legends world championships
100. Become a Legend
101. Finish everything on my bucket list 

Now What?

One of the silliest things on my bucket list, breaking into dance for a day. Let me throw some context to this one. Ever since I saw the scene from “500 Days of summer” where the main character wakes up and dances his way to work. I have been thinking “I want to do that” I mean who wouldn’t want to wake up, dance to an upbeat/cheesy song, while high fiving everyone on the way there, with a marching band behind you?  
Now for one of the most exciting things on my list is to compete in an Official League of Legends tournament. I always have loved playing videos games in a completive environment, League of Legends being no exception. For the awhile now I have been wondering how I would break onto the scene even if it would be small. So naturally I flipped when I heard that Winnipeg had a tournament coming up. So I toke a combination of people I knew and some players that wanted to be on a team. Then All Manitoban Product was born or AMP for short. We only had a handful of practices due to how hard it is to get 5 people to sit together for a couple games at the same time. I would like to tell you how we did but I don’t want to spoiler anything if you want to see how we did here’s the link  (Also my name is Megamon1996). Regardless of the results it was a great experience to be surrounded by people who are skilled and love the game as much as I do. And will definitely be attending the Lan Tournament on February 15th.  And at the rate I am going on my list I might have to make a new one in the next couple of years 


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thinking about Dialogue

1.  Talk about the process of eavesdropping:

i. I went to all the corners of the school, the cafeteria, and the around the gym

ii. I would listen for about a minute and half and if nothing interesting happened I would move on

iii. Most conversations were in groups between 3-5 people

iv. Nothing special considering I overhear conversations all the time in the around the school and work. The only difference was me writing down the conversations on paper rather than me recalling later on.

2. What insights did you gain about the way people speak?
A lot more people talk with their hands and eyes more than I would figure.

3. How can you apply this to your writing?
I can apply this to my reading by adding more detail to the characters actions and body language to give the reader a stronger idea of what is going on.

4.  How is personality and character revealed through conversation/dialogue?
Some of the ways personality and character are shown through conversation is by:
-Body Language
-Eye Contact

5. What happens when more than 2 people participate in a conversation?
It's really interesting because there is two things that could happen when there's more than two people talking.
a) They are one main speaker who does most of the talking and steering of the conservation, while the others throw thoughts and opinions here and there.
b) there is more than one main speaker and they both share control of the conservation. And depending on what kind of personality they have may step on each other’s "toes" so to speak. For example, if they are both really shy, docile, polite, or any combination of the above and they happen to talk at the same time. They will both pause and wait for the other continue, which causes this awkward pause. While if one of them is shy and the other is more assertive then the assertive person will keep charging through without a second thought.

6. What was the most surprising thing you've learned about the way people converse?
I wouldn't say it's the most surprising thing but definitely the most amusing is how people's persona change when around certain people nearly instantly. Like how someone could be talking normally and all of the sudden change to being peppy and flirtatious when they see someone they like.

7.   What are the differences and similarities between written and spoken conversations?

The biggest difference between written and spoken conversations is that in written conversations it's hard to get a feeling for tone along with things like sarcasm. I'm pretty everyone has received a written message like a text or email and been confused on what the person meant.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Quick Write:Minions

What I would do with my minions is they would make a machine that would instantly clean my room so I could do my work in peace without having worry about the destruction I causes my room on a daily basis. Also I would get them to make a  secret lab for me (Like the one in Dexter' laboratory, you know what I mean). that I would be able to make inventions and make more minions in the future :}. Then with the remaining amount of time they have in the week they would bug my sister and every time my sister would try to tell anyone they will turn invisible.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Six Word Memoir Debrief

What did I learn about Storytelling?

I learned not only how important every word is, but every detail is. Whether it is punctuation, a phrase , even symbols. For example I used the ">" in my fourth memoir to save me a couple of words and present my idea in a unique way. Also things like punctuation not only add to your work but also make it easier to understand, much I did in my first memoir.

Where did I show my knowledge on storytelling? 

A picture is worth a thousand words, this phrase could not be any truer for an assignment like this. I would use certain camera angles that would give the picture a certain feel or message that I wanted to send. The best examples being memoirs #2,#7, and #8. In memoir #2 I used the angle to make the reader feel smaller along with making the stairs bigger and more intimidating. In #7 I centered the picture of me playing Rengar to help show what your suppose to be focusing on. And in 8# I tried to increase the significance of the tree but taking a shot with a lower angle along with some visual effects to give it more life.

What did I learn as a reader, writer, thinker, and story-writer?
 The biggest idea that I toke from this project is that sometimes "saying less" can mean so much more than
"saying a lot". Especially when it comes to creative projects, because the coolest thing is letting the reader interpret your work in their own way. Which a lot of times is more powerful than out right telling them what you meant since they can interpret it in a way that is more significant to them. Whether it be a memory that they recalled from a long time ago or brought a new prospective to them.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Quick Write:Time


86,400 minutes a day that's all we get per day after that it resets and doesn't carry over to the next day. Once the day is over you happen to "waste" some of those minutes it's gone and you can't get it back. So you have to make every hour, every minute, even every second worth it because we only get so much time in this world. Why spend that time doing something that we love? Don't wait to till tomorrow or the next day. Starting living your life today, whether your passion is sports, art, writing, or even playing videos games you should start today. That way you can have a brighter tomorrow. 

Quick Write: Robot

What my robot would do in the future, is he would be able to be my personal recorder. He would record  the information I talk about so that I wouldn't have to write anything down. Like Items builds, tier lists, my thoughts on certain champions, ideas for my blog even homework. Then he would say it back to me whenever I asked him. Also he would play music for me whenever and wherever I wanted that way I can wake up to my own theme song and walk to school with it. Another thing my robot would do is he would be able to play League of Legends with me and duo queue. And he will be awesome because he won`t rage, always have some consistently, and always listen to my tactics/shot-calls. Speaking about listening he would also listen to all the things I would have to say and engage me in conversation besides just things like “Nothing much” or “Yeah” and “Mmmhhmm”.  Also he would laugh at all my chessey one liners and even play the CSI Mami theme everytime I said one, and take part in my excitement and victory celebrations every time we do something awesome.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Six Word Memoir #8

The reason why I used a tree to represent the quote “Respect the Foundation, Appreciate Every Layer” is because love reminds me of a tree. You need to have a strong foundation and treat it with love and care, otherwise it’s hard for anything to grow and be healthy. Just like in a relationship there has to be trust and compassion. And as you get to closer to someone you get to know them better, just like how a tree has more layers as you get deeper. And you start to love all the little things about them; their smile, their laugh, the way they flick their hair, their eyes. My favorite part is that moment where you look at each other and don’t even have to say a word, but it’s like you’re connected for that brief moment.