Thursday, September 26, 2013

Things about me and the future

My Passion is….
My Passion is Videos Games. I original was going to say league of legends is my passion but truth be told I love many games like Call of Duty, Portal, Civilization, Runescape, Super Smash Brothers, and the list goes on. The first reason that comes to mind when I think why do I love them so much is that I have literally been playing since I was born (Well 3 years old, but close enough) and I have been playing them ever since. Another reason why is because videos game offer you to become someone else for a little while. Whether you’re a Master Assassin trying to save the world, a robot trying to solve puzzles using physics and environment around you, or even going on a quest for fame and fortune. It gives this feel of escapism that never gets old for me. But perhaps the biggest reason why it’s my passion is because the community of gamers is so amazing. I like that you can have people of multiply ages, genders, races, cultures, countries, and experiences come together and they don’t care about those things. All that matters is the game, and that we enjoy it. And I have met some of my best friends from these games which can come from anyway from Vancouver to Vietnam. On top of this I love challenges and pushing myself to be best I can be.

A year from now I will be….
In a year from now I plan to go to UoM or Waterloo taking engineer courses. Also I plan to have my YouTube channel, Stream, and blog well establish and be a hotspot for League of legends players wanting to become better players, better people and having a good time. Also I am going to be a Professional League of Legends player playing in Esports  in either LCS or the amateur circuit.

When I grow up….
I haven’t though this far into my future quite yet. But I plan to have at least a master in engineering and work with Esports on the side as maybe a caster or analyst. I would also go back and try to do some renovations in my reserve and try to make a better place to live and get more involved with first nations rights and politics. I plan to have a family with a wife with 2 kids (preferable one girl and boy) and we would live this nice house that I have personally designed. I’m not sure what will quite happen at this time but I will know I will do my best to help make myself the best I can be and try to change to world for the better one step at a time.

In one week I will upgrade my blog by….
Things I wanted to do and have done
-Added my Stream (embedding so you don’t have to go to twitch directly and still enjoy my blog)
-Added my YouTube Channel
-Added social networks/stream info
-Added a simply text explanation on league of legends

Things I am still working on for my blog
-Explain League of Legends to people who don’t know about it
-Explain what Esports is
-Add rant(s) on “EloHell” and other League of Legends Issues
-Add Playlist of music use for my stream
-Add “Mega-Guides” for Champions and Roles
-Add “Tier List”
-Add “Favorite Champions” and why
-Add “Road to becoming a better player”
-Add Stream Hightlights
-Add YouTube videos along side my guides,articles, and explanations

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